Around a dozen of us from different cities recently met up for a weekend in Bristol. Below you can find a short summary of the meeting – if you are interested in working with us, let us know.

Reports and plans

We first had a round of reports from different towns including the initiative at Heathrow airport and the health workers network. We discussed an annual plan for our reading group, which will be published shortly. We talked about the publication of a new book on workers’ inquiry and struggles in the NHS with the fitting title, ‘Sick Of It All’, which some of us have been working on. There will be book presentations in various towns – if you are interested in organising a meeting where you are, let us know…

Film screening ‘A Loud Spring’

We watched the latest version of a still unpublished new documentary on climate change and revolution, made by one of our comrades in Germany. We discussed the film and how it might help to open up the discussion in the climate movement. We are thinking about writing a short accompanying pamphlet. There will be film screenings in various towns – if you are interested in organising a screening, get in touch…


We talked about the differences of positions within the collective and how we deal with them. We then talked about the current stage of the war itself. A summary of the discussion is in the making. Please check our website for the various contributions that have been made so far. 

Situation in the UK

Here the focus was on the current stage of Brexit, rising inflation, the current wage strikes and the situation of the left. Comrades prepared various inputs, some of which you can find below. We are thinking about writing a pamphlet on inflation and workers’ struggle. In the meantime some comrades took part in a panel discussion and distributed a leaflet on the matter.

Next meeting

The date and place for the next meeting is still not fixed, but some of us will travel to the TSS meeting in Bulgaria together.

Material for the meeting