Ammunition for the political autonomy of the working class

“AngryWorkers, a small political collective, have spent six years organising in London’s industrial backyard, mainly in the food manufacturing and logistics sector. This book is about their experiences as they try and find new ways of building class power in tough times. It is essential reading for anyone who is grappling with the question: ‘what next for working class politics and revolutionary strategy?’”


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If you are based in the UK or US you can order the book here – you can also find reviews and podcasts relating to our book:

Class Power on Zero-Hours

Those of you who live in EU countries can now order our book ‘Class Power on Zero-Hours’ for 10 Euro plus 4,49 Euro postage. Outside of the EU postage might be slightly more.

If you order 5 or 10 copies both the book and postage will be cheaper.

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