Dear all,

we invite you to our launch event of Vital Signs, a magazine for the two main hospitals in Bristol, addressing 18,000 fellow workers. With the magazine we want to support the independent organisation of our daily struggle for better conditions and support the development of day-to-day workers’ and working class patients’ control. The magazine forms part of a long-term political project.

When: Friday, 19th of July 2024, 7pm

Where: Peoples’ Republic of Stokes Croft, 14 Hillgrove St, Bristol BS2 8JT

At the launch event we will present our political thoughts, strategy and hope behind Vital Signs and open them up for discussion. We will talk about the current situation at the two main hospitals and the challenges and potentials we see for a collective intervention.

Although we will focus on the situation in the hospitals, our main question is a common one: how can workers in the essential industries lead independent struggles and develop a strategy to take over the means of production under the conditions of 21st century capitalism?

Please spread the word!