Bristol is the largest city in the South West of England, and is the key economic area for the whole region. Despite the centre of the city being focused on financial services, tourism and other middle class jobs, the City also contains the Western end of the “M4 corridor”, connecting our city with Heathrow at its Eastern end as the UK’s main airport and the busiest international cargo hub in the world.

What we have identified is that the large industrial strip along the M49, Avonmouth and Severn Beach is a key economic area for the entirety of the South West and a main circulation point for much of the materials used in the aerospace manufacturing hotbeds in Filton.

Over the next year, we plan to be focusing our time and organising energies on the large workplaces in the logistics sector, mainly based around this area, which acts as a bottleneck for the entire economy of the South West and beyond. Some of us are looking at getting jobs in the larger workplaces, whether that be Amazon, Tesco Distribution Centre, DHL Supply Chain or Culina, in order to properly get rooted and make inroads with the wider workforce in the area.

As we mention above, there is an extremely heavy concentration of aerospace manufacture in North Bristol that focuses its output on the arms industry. Another angle of any of our efforts would be to attempt to build bridges between workers in that industry to discuss the nature of their bosses productive outputs, highlighting the destructive nature of what they are forced to produce in contrast to what they have the capacity to produce. This will be essential work as working class militant internationalists, as building a consciousness of the way that the current conditions of production deploys working class people of one area to contribute to the murder of their own class in other regions, whilst there are so many possibilities for alternatives to such forms of production.

We are looking for other working class militants to join us on a local level with visiting, leafleting and working in these workplaces with an eye to building broad class solidarity in everything we do. In the next few months, we want to be looking towards building a “solidarity network” in the area, and produce some kind of area newsletter to distribute to workers that focuses on class struggle in the area and how companies are antagonising the workers.

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