Dear comrades,

These are tough times in which collective responses from the working class – strikes, rent boycott, mutual aid – rather than appeals towards the political class become essential for survival.

Groups are now popping up to help the most vulnerable. Crises like this spur many into action. But how could we use similar groups to build a political force to actually enforce things, rather than just be charitable and spontaneous? In the longer-term, we think we need local solidarity structures and roots in larger workplaces as well as the wider ‘community’.

During the last six years, this is what we’ve tried to do. We’ve tried to get rooted in the essential industries like food production and distribution in west London and organised a political tendency for workers self-emancipation.

We’ve written a book about our experiences over the last six years. We see the book as a modest, but concrete contribution to build an independent, political, working class organisation.

We had planned to share our experiences during a book tour in April and May 2020, but due to the Coronavirus crisis we will probably not be able to have larger discussion meetings.

We will have a Facebook live event on Friday, 27th of March at 7pm.

We will also have a Zoom online meeting on Tuesday, 31st of March at 7pm.

We will present the book, answer questions and discuss together. If you want to take part in the Zoom meeting please email us at and we will send you a link to join the meeting.

We still want to meet people who are interested in longer term discussion and collaboration. We could meet in smaller groups. For us collaboration would mean:

* Making an effort to set up local solidarity networks and initiatives in or around major local workplaces, supported by a publication
* Sharing the main ideas and experiences with comrades in other parts of the country
* Visiting local strikes and and other struggles and sharing your impressions
* Meeting regularly on a national level to discuss local experiences and global events, in order to come up with common strategies.

If you are up for discussing this, please drop us a line and we can figure out when and where to meet.

In the meantime please support us by:

* ordering a book
* spreading the news
* sending us comments about what you read (the intro to the book can be found here):

In solidarity,

Some AngryWorkers