We’re from AngryWorkers, a small collective based in west London who plan on coming to your region next year in April. 

We will have written a book about our organising experiences in the warehouse/retail/food sector over the last 6 years. Our focus is to understand the conditions in bigger workplaces, but we also organise a solidarity network in the area and a workers’ newspaper.

The plan is to travel for a while and meet comrades in different towns. We want to meet you, find out what you guys are up to, and share our experience of our workers’ enquiry and organising. We also want to discuss more generally about what revolutionary organisation means today?

Would you be interested in organising such an event? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but we think it’s important to meet like-minded comrades in other places with the idea to build a wider network to share experiences and have some political debate. 

Here is the site for our newspaper we do with and for workers in west London: 


Let us know what you think!


Thanks and solidarity