Dear sisters and brothers,

hope you all good and discontent! we got some things planned for the near future and hope that we can work on it together. If you live in London or close by, feel welcome to stay over for a night or two and get involved in the following. If you live further away, we might come and visit you – read on!

* Poster campaign for local solidarity network
We designed some new posters for weekly drop-ins at the local McDonalds drive-in, in the Park Royal Asda cafe and a tea place in Southall. If you up for a stroll and good with sticky tape, pop by!

* Leaflet and meeting for ready-meal factory workers
We have been working in these factories for a while now and want to try to organise a meeting of interested workers. The company runs three factories and an industrial warehouse in the area, so it is a bit of a logistical challenge. We thought it would be good to have a stall and some music during distribution. Even if you are more of a home-cooked kinda guy, feel free to join in! Any help with Gujarati, Tamil or Goan translation welcome!

* Distribution of WorkersWildWest no.5
The new issue is written and in the final lay-out process. We distribute around 2,000 copies at local warehouses, job centres and housing estates. Any help welcome! In this issue we will circulate, amongst others, reports about:
– Friendliness and solidarity at work
– Work and Struggle in a ready-meal factory
– Thoughts on Brexit and Trump
– Local (migrant) workers’ history
– Deliveroo and other courier struggles
– Amey road sweeper wage recovery action

* Beyond London
We would like to meet up with people who we share common hopes with (workers’ self-emancipation from capital, state and oppression) and who want to establish solidarity networks and regularly circulate newspapers or other publications amongst the local working class. We want to discuss practical experiences and challenges of this type of political work. We want to debate revolutionary strategy: how to learn from workers’ experiences and how to relate them to our positions on internationalism and the struggle against the system as a whole? How can we get more rooted locally and at the same time discuss our experiences and positions with folks who do similar work elsewhere? If you are up for discussing this, we will come and visit you!

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