In Gujurati: bakkavor_issue_6


After almost one year, we still don’t have our pay rise.

Why not?!

Most union members voted to reject the company’s bad pay offers. That’s good, BUT what else did we do, apart from vote? What pressure did we really put on management? Not many people joined the union protests on the streets. Hundreds of us should have been outside!

Only the workers in houmous who decided together to not come to work on the Bank Holiday took matters into their own hands. This scared management the most. If so many people voted to go on strike, why is the union not doing a proper strike ballot now?

What can we do?

If we want to fight for our pay, we need to pressure the union to do the proper strike ballot. No more test ballots! How many times do we have to say NO? This will be our

only chance to get a better pay offer. In Spalding Bakkavor, they got a better offer when they said they were going on strike. Proper strike ballot now!

When the workers at Cumberland did not come to work on bank holiday, it was a risk, but it had a big impact. We need to show management we are not happy – by doing things like overtime strikes. We don’t have to make a big announcement, the whole department just needs to decide and for one week, refuse overtime.

People want money, but we also need to fight for some daily dignity. Management treat us like dirt. They think we are stupid (‘We stop paying for the break and give that money back to you!” “We give you 1p more!” No thanks!)

Let’s fight for some self-respect!

It seems like things never change, but currently millions of poor people are fighting for better lives around the globe… 2,000 Honda agency workers in Delhi, India occupied the factory for nearly two weeks in protest against dismissals… workers in Iran, Iraq and Sudan blockade streets and ports in protest against petrol price increase and corrupt politicians… students and workers in Chile fight together and form neighbourhood assemblies… even in London, hospital cleaners managed to get £10.75 by going on strike!