We are excited to have found some copies of the west London newspaper of the organisation Solidarity from 1969 and 1970. We share some basic ideas with Solidarity – the need for workers’ self-organisation and revolution. It is fascinating to read that they have been active in the same area where we work and distribute our paper WorkersWildWest 50 years later, in Acton, Wembley, Perivale.


The layout and design of our newspaper is way better, but unlike us Solidarity managed to form a UK wide organisation with strong international links.

From: http://archivesautonomies.org/spip.php?article2805

*** Solidarity for workers’ full control – West London – Number 1 – Autumn 1969 

PDF: solidarity-west-london-n01

Who we are
Brent dustmen by A. Muckraker
The minicab racket by R. Menn
Glasso’s goons by Spiro Agnew
Sheffield cutlery industry Viner’s wage slaves
GEC Liverpool, the occupation that failed
Saboting the boss by I. Sabot
As we see it

*** Solidarity for workers’ full control – West London – Number 2 – December 1969 or January 1970

PDF: solidarity-west-london-n02

Punfield aftermath by Mike
A question of power
Italy: the November strikes by a friend from Potere Operaio
Wembley furniture workers magic roundabout
Danger! Spies at work by C.C.
Glasso’s again by Baron Askew
NW Poly by Solidarity Arsenal

*** Solidarity for workers’ full control – West London – Number 3 – Spring 1970

PDF: solidarity-west-london-n03

The incredible truth of A.C.C.
What is workers’ control? A letter by Tony Topham
Our reply by Solidarity
Metal box: Acton the moving finger writes
Comprehensives by D.K.
Industrial news from abroad

*** Solidarity for workers’ full control – West London – Number 4 – April 1970

PDF: solidarity-west-london-n04

Metal box: Acton vanishing voter mystery by Ed End-Bender
Powell – The whole man freedom and reality
Glassos’ magic ingredient by G.C.J.F.
Education factories
Expo’ 70 C.E.U. EXEC by workers at Kingsnorth
As we see it